Unlock the Door
To The Treasure Within

Listen to Jen’s Song
Forgive and Let Go

One day, I was writing a letter to a friend and didn’t know the words to say. You see, my friend lent me a book about the relationship between a father and daughter. I was so grateful for her suggesting this book, but her dad had just passed away and mine was still alive, and I couldn’t find the words to say. I sat at my laptop, closed my eyes and just listened in SILENCE.

Then this song came to me. “Forgive and Let Go” is the foundation of my life’s journey, and over the past few years I have begun to learn the deeper meaning of these words. I hope they provide some inspiration for you as well.


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My blessing and prayer is that I AM becoming me.
The truest version of myself is shining so brightly that people all across the world can feel my loving presence.
They want to know more about me and my story.
They desire to live a life filled with EASE,PLEASURE, HARMONY and FREEDOM just like I am modeling for them.

I AM living out my life purpose and sharing my gifts with the world.
I AM a woman who honors and respects her faith and trusts in God’s plan for her life.
I AM a woman who stays true to her heart and soul. I do not search outside myself or worry about what others think.
I AM a woman who allows herself permission to enjoy the pleasures of life.
I AM a woman who embodies her full truth.
I AM honest with my feelings, faults, failures, frustrations and fears.
I AM a temple of the holy spirit and love and appreciate my mind, body and soul each and every day.
I AM curious, brave, courageous, confident, beautiful, compassionate, fun, playful, loving, collaborative, and inspirational.
I AM filled with unconditional love and am a supporting and loving mother.
I AM a sexy passionate wild woman, who savors in enjoying quality time with her husband.
I AM a loving friend and have a support system of women whom I call my sisters.
I AM a co-creator of my life with God, and trust in my connection with the divine to use the gifts and talents he has provided for me to share with the world.
I AM a Faithfully Authentic Woman.

Unlock the Door to the Treasure Within

Do you ever feel?

  • Disconnected from your own needs, passions, and desires?
  • Drained and exhausted by forcing to make things happen in life?
  • Overwhelmed and confused in balancing personal and professional life?
  • Guilty or ashamed for things you have or haven’t done?
  • Unfulfilled and unsatisfied in your long term relationships?
  • Afraid of making a mistake or fearful of what others will think?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you are joyfully invited to transform your life one relationship at time.

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