The Keys to Empowerment
Are Within Every Woman’s Reach

Many Show Up. Few Have Presence.


Grow your confidence, hone your leadership skills, and develop a presence that will make an impact in your career and life.

Learn To Make A Bigger Impact


Build the leadership skills of your employees and create a pipeline of emerging women leaders within your organization.

Develop Great Female Leaders

Our programs help women leaders:

  • Improve communication
  • Steer with more clarity and focus
  • Engage and inspire others
  • Own their personal brand & self- confidence
  • Be willing to take initiative/risks
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Organizations use our programs to:

  • Attract and engage female talent
  • Increase retention rates and happier employees
  • Elevate ideas for the company
  • Expand strategic business decision
  • Improve productivity and results
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What People Are Saying About Jen

I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Bugajsky during her Freedom Keys Programs this past September. Since this class I have experienced a level of happiness, calm and contentment that I didn’t know was possible. Happiness is not even the right word to describe the sense of calm, gratitude, and all-round warm fuzzy feeling I get when I think about the experience and tapping into my own inner feminine energy.

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