Let’s Work Together

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Imagine getting paid to keep your family healthy and earning a free Trip.  It is such a gift in life to be able to give back.  That’s a huge part of our mission – EARN more to GIVE more!  Partnering with a company that cares about this world and the people in it, has been one of the most extraordinary experiences I could have ever imagined.  Does your work inspire you and fulfill you in these types of ways? Life isn’t about how much money you can accrue and all of the things you can buy with it.  Life is about meaningful moments, making a difference in the life of another person, having the time to enjoy the people in your life, and creating those special memories that last a lifetime, all while having the resources to give back in ways that fill your soul and could quite possibly change the course of another person’s life.  That’s what life is about, and that’s what we’re about.


When you partner with Shaklee you are on your way to making a significant difference in your own life, your family’s life, and the world around you.  We believe you have a purpose and we can help provide the vehicle to fulfill it.  This world needs your unique gifts and talents and you deserve to have the amazing life you imagine.  Together we can become the largest force for positive social change in the world.  Join Us.


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Success Stories

It all starts with a decision to live life better…

Corrie-Beth and Mike have the love story and partnership they’ve always dreamed of.

Keejara’s passion for helping people inspired her mother to join her Shaklee team – giving them both the chance to dream again.

Aileen, Samantha and Christine all approach their businesses in different ways, but the goal is the same: sharing Shaklee with others.

After not recognizing himself in a finish line photo, triathlete Bill took control of his health with Shaklee 180™ and hasn’t looked back.

The Shaklee Opportunity

An introduction to Shaklee’s products, philosophy, and the opportunity it offers to everyone.


The Shaklee Difference

The basis of Shaklee is our solutions to people’s health concerns. Our range and variety of reliable, quality products address everything from a healthy nutritional foundation to non-toxic home cleaning choices.


3 Ways to Participate

You can choose to simply use our products, but you may be compelled to share them with the people you care about. From there, it’s a very small step to building a great business of your own.

Flexible and Rewarding

What are you looking for? More time? More freedom? More rewarding work? Take a look at what Shaklee has to offer.

By The Numbers

Who we are, where we’ve been and where we’re going: Here are the statistics to back up the idea that Shaklee is a very good choice for both health and income.


Not just products, not just a business: Shaklee is a community of people who care and express it by being involved in the world around them.