Felisha Johnson Mediation Services | Family Mediation Services
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Family Mediation Services

What Is Family Mediation 

Family Mediation Services is a process for resolving conflicts where a neutral third party assist the disputing parties in reaching an agreement upon settlement in family matters. Family mediation includes but are not limited to divorce settlements, legal separations, parenting plans.


During mediation the mediator works with the family members to reach a resolution on various issues in the dispute. It is important that both parties feel comfortable during the mediation session and make sure the outcome is something both parties are satisfied with going forward in their lives. Family mediations can be stressful to the parties and in many cases can be overwhelming. Mediation is to help the parties have a comfort of what their lives will be after the resolution of their case. This includes all major decisions such as children, properties, pensions, life insurance, health insurance, child support, alimony, and bank accounts. Once an agreement is made the mediator will prepare a separation agreement and/or parenting plan which or party can file with the court and a detailed explanation of the process.


In family mediation the disputing parties are usually in separate rooms. The mediator will go between the parties as they state what they need to reach a settlement. In parenting plans, the State of Tennessee has certain calculations that have to be obliged and those calculations will be followed as a minimum well as the settlement the disputing parties agree upon.

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