Felisha Johnson Mediation Services | Civil Mediation Services
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Civil Mediation Services

What Is Civil Mediation 

is a process for resolving conflicts where a neutral third party assist the disputing parties in reaching an agreement upon settlement. Mediation is effective for resolution in all civil disputes which includes but not limited to personal injury, sexual harassment, workplace disputes, contract disputes, landlord/tenant disputes. The mediation sessions involve discussions of the issues from both sides of the parties in a controlled environment where they can come to an agreement opposed to litigation in a court room where a judge or jury decides the outcome.


Mediation sessions are scheduled starting at a half a day to a full day and in most cases the dispute can be settled in less than a day. All sessions are private and confidential and only parties involved are allowed during the sessions.  If the dispute ends in an impasse and has to go to court, all information that was disclosed during mediation is confidential and could not be used court.


Mediations usually begins with a joint meeting of the parties, attorneys, and insurance companies’ representatives if applicable. The mediator will introduce herself and what her role as a mediator is (to help the parties come to an agreement on their own terms with no persuasion from her or the attorneys). She will discuss how the flow of the session will proceed and allow the parties to state their cases and identify their issues in disputes.


The mediator will separate the parties and from that point have a series of private meetings which are called caucuses. In the caucuses the mediator will work with the parties as they state what they need to settle the dispute. The mediator will go between the parties until a settlement is reached and an agreement is made.

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