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Business Mediation Services

Business Mediation Services is a cost effective, quick and confidential alternative to resolving business disputes outside of litigation. Mediation can help resolve disputes between managers, employees and business owners. Mediation can help in the negotiation services for businesses of all sizes. Mediation can essential in negotiating an amicable dissolution of an existing business arrangement when dissolution is a desired outcome. Business mediation can help in resolving disputes between principles of an existing business or practice as well as negotiation on ownership and/or partnership agreement when forming a new business or professional practice.

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Civil Mediation Services

Civil Mediation is a process for resolving conflicts where a neutral third party assist the disputing parties in reaching an agreement upon settlement. Mediation is effective for resolution in all civil disputes which includes but not limited to personal injury, sexual harassment, workplace disputes, contract disputes, landlord/tenant disputes.

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Marriage Restoration

Marriage Restoration Services is a mediation process that offers married couples hope in preserving their marriage and restore wholeness in their relationship. This is not a counseling session, however, mediation can help couples through difficult conversations regarding issues such as career changes, furthering education, infidelity, children and blended families.

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Family Mediation Services

Family Mediation Services is a process for resolving conflicts where a neutral third party assist the disputing parties in reaching an agreement upon settlement in family matters. Family mediation includes but are not limited to divorce settlements, legal separations, parenting plans.

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Guardianship (Child & Elder) In many cases it becomes necessary for a family member to be cared for by another family member. This change can in many cases cause tension and an uncomfortable environment. The changing of guardianship can be challenging for other family members. Mediation can offer the opportunity for all concerned family members to be heard and to reach an agreement on the future care of their loved ones.

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Elder Mediation Services

Elder Mediation Services is a process that helps families work collaboratively to resolve difficult issues that often arise as members of their family ages. If these issues are left unresolved and not addressed in a protective manner, these issues can become a multi-party dispute and go to litigation. This will cannot only become expensive but it is also become a stressful and anxious time when families might already be dealing with a stressful situation.

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Probate During the passing of a loved one, usually follow a stressful time in resolving family issues. Mediation can facilitate negations is disputes such as wills, disagreements among heirs, and representative of estates. This can cause an emotional rift among the family that can be resolved during mediation. Mediation can help by offering an alternative to litigation in a controlled environment.

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Whenever you’re in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference damaging your relationship and deepening it. The factor is attitude. – William James