Code Blue Essays specializes in perfecting essays in the medical and life science fields. Our primary focus is admission essays and personal statements, however, we will be delighted to assist you with any science related essay.

Our expertise includes:

  •  Medical School Personal Statements


  •  Secondary Essays for Medical School


  •  Residency Personal Statements


  •  Fellowship Personal Statements


  •  Admissions Essays for Graduate Programs


  • Dental School Admission Essays


  • Nursing and Allied Health Admission Essays

Although there are other companies offering editing services, they do not understand or cater to the needs of the medical community. You need to ensure that the person reading your essay understands medical language and is familiar with the expectations of medical admissions committees. You can be assured that any essay submitted to Code Blue Essays will be edited by a licensed and board certified physician who has extensive experience with writing. In addition, we require our editors to be very knowledgeable about the admissions requirements of medical training programs.

Whether your essay only needs some fine tuning, or if it requires a full resuscitation, Code Blue Essays can help. Our editors will review your essay and make any necessary corrections in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Essays are then reviewed for flow and content. Finally, the overall impact of the essay is evaluated to ensure that the intent of the author is clearly communicated in the writing. Our customers also receive an in-depth, paragraph by paragraph critique of the essay, identifying areas of strength and providing suggestions for improvement. Don’t risk missing out on your school or program of choice! Let Code Blue Essays review your essay today.